My Story

I have always had an I can attitude; full of optimism, passion and determination to succeed. A strong work ethic learnt from my parents, I was described as a strong willed, spirited child, who questioned everything. This determination and curiosity continued throughout my life and has served me well.

I always championed the misunderstood and loved to help them to feel valued, happy and successful. I was fascinated by people that had succeeded against the odds and spent time considering what qualities they possessed. I often get comments about my energy and positivity levels and, like all of us, these come down to a mixture of how I was brought up and the environment I live in.

I’m the middle child of a working class family of altruistic loving parents, sandwiched between the adored brother who was a sporting talent and a mentally disabled sister.

My father worked all hours, my mother worked in the evenings and in the day ran my father’s electrical business whilst they both in every spare moment tirelessly renovated, built and sold houses to enable us to have the best life possible.

This I can kind attitude of my parents and my sister’s disability were brilliant role models that gave me the drive to want to succeed in the world. I early on thought I could do anything as I was born with a healthy body and mind.

From the age of 11 , I was obsessed with horses and competed every weekend and self-taught myself to train wild horses and sold them on as family ponies.

I achieved a top teaching degree and a sports degree to help me start my lifelong love of learning and the understanding of the importance of mind, body and soul began.

I realised early on, whilst I was still at school, that a lot of children were misunderstood. I made it my mission to become a great teacher and help the kids I taught succeed. This passion led me to become an assistant head in a difficult London school by the age of 30.

I was lucky with all the school holidays I travelled the world to help further my curiosity and learning. Throughout my teaching career, I relentlessly researched and studied how humans can achieve their best and continued studying the importance of nutrition and exercise.

My next move was to start training other teachers. As this part of my career started I decided I wanted to get married to the love of my life and start a family, and in typical Fleur fashion I put the same passion into starting a family and I had three children under the age of three!

At this time we moved to the Middle East, I set up a music class and nursery to raise money for street kids in Cambodia and juggled bringing up three amazing kids. Two years on, we moved back to the UK and were faced with low finances, starting a new business and setting up a new home, moving three times and renovating. Alongside this, we were plagued with illnesses in the family a nut allergy, heart problems and finding out my eldest was losing her eyesight. To top it off my daughter was having difficulty at school resulting in us moving her to a new school. She was then diagnosed with anxiety and was using OCD coping methods.

So why have I told you all this?

Remember the comments made about me? Why is she always positive and happy? My life, like all of our lives, has had many challenges but it’s how we deal with this challenges that determine our love, life, success and happiness.

Within all these times there was amazing things happening. Every challenge has helped me learn more. I can truly empathise with people that have felt challenged. This is why I want to be a life coach. I have learnt so much from life and learning I want to help others have the same happiness and I can attitude.

To perceive the world full of opportunities not the negativity we can all dwell on. I would say life has been good – I would never say it’s been tough, I feel blessed. I’m a firm believer that many times in life you have choices about how you address the challenges and the happy route is much easier.

I still feel blessed: I have my health, family and friends, my beautiful talented children, an amazing husband and two jobs I’m passionate about. Life isn’t just good it’s amazing.

Let’s together help make you life amazing, what I have learnt is everything that is a challenge is an opportunity to grow. It’s not the hand we’re dealt but how we deal with the hand we’re dealt.

After all, life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it. The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Since deciding to become a life coach I have learnt many tools that I wished I had known earlier let me share these with you and my lifelong love of learning. Your self development will bring you the magical life we all deserve.