What makes me different?

Every life coach is different and it’s important you find the right coach. I am a working mum of 3 children as well as an accredited Life Coach. I did my first coaching training to coach 20yrs ago and have used it throughout my career with great results. I continue to work at Kingston University training Primary Teachers. Learning and people are my specialities.

I love this job as I am still helping inspire the people that make a huge influence on our lives. I am doing coaching because people lose their way and this can be fixed. When I thought about how passionate and enthusiastic the children I
have taught were about their future it saddened me.

Not one to sit back and worry I decided I would help reignite this passion. I love to help people; there is other jobs where I would obviously earn more money. When I asked friends what made me unique they said, “You walk the walk not just talk the talk”.

I am dedicated myself to continually developing a strong body and mind and feeding my soul as believe these are the foundations to success. I train 6 times a week normally with my puppy or with friends. I meditate every day, have a balanced diet and really know how to have fun. Sometimes a bit too much fun! I also love eating out, travelling and fashion.

I value my family and friends and am an ordinary girl who has achieved to the best of her ability. I am organised and know how to juggle and get things done. I have learnt from the best and as I am still thirsty for knowledge: I spend time every day updating my knowledge learning from today’s thought leaders. I pass my knowledge to my clients so they don’t have to do the continued research.

As well as a teaching degree I have a degree in Sports Studies and have have studied Nutrition and Psychology at degree level. Not forgetting the life lessons I have learnt from the many challenges I have faced(see my story). I know I can help work on all areas of your life.

I will find out what is holding you back, help you find your purpose and help you live a happier fulfilled life. If this seems someone you would like to work with then let’s talk for a free initial coaching call 07827 334 265 or email me at fleurprime@gmail.com