Shireen – PR/Mum of Two
Fleur’s calm nurturing approach helped give me an insight into areas of my career I wanted to reignite and focus on after being on maternity leave I would definitely recommend her.
Jelena – Actress/TEFL Teacher

What I particularly liked about her approach was the clarity and guidance she provided flawlessly. She is very intuitive and managed to identify my main challenges very quickly, providing a safe, trusting and loving environment for sharing, accompanied by tasks she gave me in-between sessions in order to fulfill my set goals. She is infinitely positive, strong and a mindful coach, who sees beauty in life and everything around her. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping others. She helped me greatly in my everyday life and challenges by providing clear insight, advice and support.

Fleur is clear, gentle, kind and strong and I would highly recommend her guidance as a life coach.

Amanda – Business owner/Mum of two

I wasn’t sure I actually needed to see a life coach but thought I would try. After meeting Fleur it made me realise how positive an experience it is and I recommend everyone should do. Even if you don’t realise there is anything that needs changing Fleur made me see areas of my life that did. For me I came out feeling different about certain areas which only little things I could do could have a positive impact on my life. I recommend Fleur wholeheartedly. Fleur is very gentle but has a lovely way about her so easy to open up and talk to.

Katy – Mum of 4/StockBroker

Fleur is compassionate, sensitive but very open with sharing her own experiences. I have been through a very traumatic year and she used some great tools to help me focus on what I was hoping to achieve by changing some things with in my life. She was really easy to talk to and very quickly identified some areas to focus on. I came away feeling like I had some sort of plan of how to move forward and achieve what I want to achieve with more confidence. It was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend Fleur as a life coach.

Lucia – Marketing Manager / Mum

Fleur is a very passionate and emphatic coach, you can really feel she cares and listen and that makes all the difference! Always looking out for you and coming up with THE question you were dreading to ask yourself, she challenges you ever so gently that makes you wonder why on earth didn’t I jump off the plane before!

She not only lends you her ears but her heart and nothing but great results can come out of that.

Safest hands you can ever be, totally recommended.

Charlotte – Project Manager

Fleur is a very positive person. This comes through when she life coaches. She has a calmness which I felt transferred to me when she coached me. Each topic we covered was covered in detail and she provided me with a different , more positive way to view the problem. At the end of the session I felt I had a way forward with next steps. All my homework / things to work on were manageable and yet gave me a real sense of achievement.

Anna – Global Business Director

I saw at Fleur at a time of extreme challenge. The demands of my job were taking over with a detrimental effect on my health and wellbeing. I was exhausted, unhappy and I missed my children. I didn’t know how, or where, to begin to make things better. Fleur was friendly and approachable and immediately put me at ease. She used a suite of practical tools to stimulate the conversation and help me crystallise my thinking. It helped me see that my values were at odds with the values of the person I was working for. This level of clarity helped me get to the root of the problem and make positive changes at work.

Sonia – Senior Teacher/English Lecturer

Fleur’s support as a coach has been instrumental to me when making difficult decisions or dealing with challenging situations in my life. She approaches coaching from a very supporting and compassionate view point and even when discussing very difficult issues, I felt energised , empowered and uplifted after the sessions. Her ability to see beneath the outer layers of situations discussed, enables her to ask insightful questions which have led to significant personal growth.